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We are blessed to be living in the "information age". As such, we have access to boundless knowledge which has been held in secret for eons, or passed down teacher to student in the Oral Traditions.

I have chosen titles which are published by The Human Crystal, and are tools to personal empowerment. A Guide to the Chakra System, by Amber Lightfoot, has always been the companyís best selling item. Tap into our titles, and glean knowledge from Ancient Systems.

Mayan Calendar
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Mayan "13 Moon" Natural Time Calendar

This 13-Moon Calendar is an Invitation and a Tool to Synchronize with Earth Wizards across the Globe who are Utilizing the Power of Natural Cycles to Activate and inform out Day-to-Day Evolution. Weilding the Magic and Vibrational Medicine and integrated Action, we are an Emerging Culture of Peace, Receptive to the Bondless Now.

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Item No. MC0001 - SOLD OUT!

A Guide to the Chakra Sytem - by Amber Lightfoot
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A Guide to the Chakra System by Amber Lightfoot

A Guide to the Chakra System by Amber Lightfoot, has come to be known as the definative, compact source on the ancient Chakra Energy System. This comprehensive work includes: description of the Chakra system; breakdown of each individual Chakra and their properties as they relate to the physical body; corresponding mantras, symbols, colors, zodiac signs, crystals and minerals for activation of each Chakra; "how-to's" for healing crystal layouts, diagrams and much more - all in easy to understand language. Featured in Chicago Tribune's best local sellers for two years.

Price: $5.95
Item No. BCG0001

The Care and Cleaning of Crystal by Amber Lightfoot
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The Care & Cleaning of Crystals by Amber Lightfoot

This book covers crystals and their properties, why they need to be cleaned, human to crystal interaction, various cleaning techniques & corresponding elements, how to use a pendulum and much more...

Price: $5.95
Item No. BCC0002

Cherokee History - With Myths by Bobby Gene Mike, Mohawk Seer
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Cherokee History - With Myths by Bobby Gene Mike, Mohawk Seer

"As a decendant of the Eastern Band Cherokee, I have found this work to be invaluable; both in terms of historical data from a Native perspective, and the rich Spiritual Tradition of the Myths which has fed my soul. This book is filled with 'Good Medicine'."

- Amber Lightfoot, Author, Shaman and Owner of The Human Crystal

"The momentum of ancestral wisdom is gaining strength from offerings such as this study. This work is a jewel in the crown of the original inhabitants of this continent. As they redefine themselves, we are all redefined. This process will continue until we are all one on planet Earth..."

- Kelan Phil Cohran, Cultural Historian, Composer, Astronomer, Musicologist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Inventor - Chicago

Price: $14.95
Item No. BCHM0001