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The Human Crystal Products are lovingly crafted for Beauty, as well as their positive energy. All items hand crafted by Amber Lightfoot, Owner, are created Ceremonially, and have been blessed and empowered. So whether you're looking for a power tool of your very own - or a once-in-a-lifetime gift for a loved one; we have something to meet your needs.

Custom crafred items are also available for your healing and growth needs.

So click on into a category, and explore the various delights from the Mineral Kingdom.
Crystals & Stones
Crystals & Stones
Since ancient times all indigenous cultures have utilized the power of crystals and stones for healing and vision. All crystals, stones and minerals at The Human Crystal have been hand selected to ensure the highest quality - and have been cleansed to purify and amplify their energy. See this selection of Power Tools, and supercharge your life.

Handmade Jewelry
For thousands of years, humans have adorned themselves with crystals, minerals and gems. The power and beauty of the Mineral Kingdom remains ever present - as gems are revered unto this time.

All items found in this category are hand crafted by Amber Lightfoot, Medicine Woman (Cherokee and Blackfoot Mixed Blood Descendant). Each creation featured here is truly unique - and is indeed a one-of-a-kind piece. Be sure to check back often for new items.

Brief Gemstone Lore is given for each mineral/crystal so that you may align more easily with the energy of the item. Enjoy the labor of my love - and wear them in Beauty.

Medicine Tools
Medicine Tools
"Medicine is whatever wakes you up!"
- Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, Chief of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society, Nagual and Shaman

Each of the items in this category have been lovingly and Ceremonially hand crafted by Amber Lightfoot, Medicine Woman. (Cherokee and Blackfoot Mixed Blood Descendant). Each tool is created with Love in Beauty, and enhances your measure of Knowledge and Power.

Be sure to check back often, as each item is unique - and new things are coming all of the time! You may also want to check Amber's Crafts for a selection of all of my handmade items.
Custom tools are available for your individual needs.

Email me at, or call 773-243-2585.

Walk in Beauty,
Amber Lightfoot

Books and Calendars
Books & Calendars
We are blessed to be living in the "information age". As such, we have access to boundless knowledge which has been held in secret for eons, or passed down teacher to student in the Oral Traditions.

I have chosen titles which are published by The Human Crystal, and are tools to personal empowerment. A Guide to the Chakra System, by Amber Lightfoot, has always been the companyís best selling item. Tap into our titles, and glean knowledge from Ancient Systems.