The Human Crystal 
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About Me

Amber Lightfoot
Welcome to The Human Crystal!

I am Amber Lightfoot, Owner of the Human Crystal. I suppose you could say that I'm the "Woman behind the curtain". The Human Crystal was downloaded to me as a vision in November of 1990. I'd just left my corporate job as a stockbroker, and spent several months off focusing on my Spiritual Path, and my purpose. The greatest reward of that time in my life, is The Human Crystal.

Since the company's inception, it has continually evolved and expanded. It is now three seperate, yet inter-connected businesses (The Human Crystal, Amber Lightfoot and Dawn of the Dharmic Day). As the company's owner, it seems that my growth and The Human Crystal's have been parallel. I never anticipated crafting and creating power tools for self, life and others. What a joyous pleasure it is to be shown this path - and I continually remain open to my Spiritual Guidance.

It is with love in my heart that I offer these tools of empowerment to you.

I am a Shaman and Medicine Woman (Cherokee and Blackfoot Mixed Blood Descendant), SunDancer, Reiki Master, Feng Shui practitioner, a Healing Facilitator, Author, Teacher, Intuitive Consultant, and Ordained Minister. Be sure to see my website for details and for local events (Phoenix metro area).

Shamanic Counseling / Readings/ Healings
$33 per quarter hour, $55 per half hour, and $99 per hour.

phone: (480) 219-3861